Buying A Puppy

Opdyke Kennel puppy

If you are reading this page, we presume you are contemplating purchasing a Saint puppy and you may well have reviewed dozens of other web sites. We encourage you to study and learn about the breed prior to any purchase. Visit the Saint Bernard Club of America web site. That site will provide you with honest information on the Breed.

Allow us to provide you with some objective measurements for selecting your family companion or show prospect.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is the registration organization for all dogs here at Opdyke Kennel. We also participate in AKC licensed shows.

AKC registration is the first objective measurement when evaluating a puppy for potential purchase.

The second measurement is very important and it centers on the show career of the Saints in the puppy’s family tree (the pedigree).

The AKC not only establishes registration criteria for dogs, but they also conduct shows with licensed judges. In these shows, the judges compare the Saints entered against the “standard”, (a written blueprint of the ideal “Saint.”) The dogs compete and are awarded placements. These shows ultimately lead to a championship designation for the best of the entries.

Not all dogs have the physical qualities required to earn the Championship title. Thus, you have an independent grading of the dogs that someone can use to evaluate quality. Simply stated, a Saint with an AKC Championship is considered “better” and of more economic value than one without a championship.

These championships are displayed in the dog’s pedigree. We will provide you with the pedigree of any puppy for sale. The more ancestors of a dog that are champion, the better. The measurement you should look for is 50% or more. This is determined by reviewing the three generations most recent of a puppy’s pedigree. In these three generations, there are 14 Saint Bernards. We believe a reasonable number of champions would be seven or 50%. You can conduct this objective review on a puppy you are considering purchasing.

The third objective measurement is in the success of breeding and showing of the kennel you are considering. We offer the following information on Opdyke Kennel:

  • Showing and breeding since 1969
  • Over 200 AKC Champions owned or bred
  • Member of:
    • Saint Bernard Club of America
    • Maumee Valley Saint Bernard Club
    • Toledo Kennel Club
    • Tucson Kennel Club
    • Saint Bernard Club of Greater Phoenix
    • Saint Bernard Club of Finger Lakes
  • Recipient of awards from the Saint Bernard Club of America for “Stud Dog of the Year”
  • Saint Bernard Hall of Fame winners
  • SBCA Breeder Achievement Award winner

We offer a realistic health warranty, which protects your initial investment.

Family Companion puppies, not to be shown/bred, with an AKC Limited Registration. Show/Breeding dogs, with an AKC Full Registration, price upon request.